About Lobo

Hailing from the deep woods of Sweden, I had very humble beginnings – growing up in a small town with very few martial arts schools, I was privileged in getting a versatile base through a couple of years of Kempo. After dabbling in the arts available in my hometown, I moved to Gothenburg where a long love story with Capoeira began under the tutelage of Monitora Pirata. She was also the one to give me my Capoeira nickname ‘Lobo’.

In 2006, I moved to Australia (where I currently reside). I continued to practise Capoeira on my own, but eventually found myself stagnating and eager for a new challenge. This is why for the past few years back I have been training with Jow Ga Kung Fu in central Sydney, under Sigung Randy Sullivan Bennett.

Throughout the years of training my passion for martial arts have never lessened, which is the main reason I’m now writing a blog. As I continue to learn and grow in skills and experience, I keep realising how little I actually know about martial arts – so my intention with this blog is to share my thoughts, explore topics of interest and hopefully deepen my understanding.

3 thoughts on “About Lobo

    1. lobomartin Post author

      Hi Maurice,

      nice to come across some extended kung fu family, hope you like the blog! I’ve scoured your own site, very educational to read and see videos of Sifu Dean Chin’s style, and to compare against what our Sifu’s teaching us.

      I’ll add your site to my Links page, as it would benefit any student from my school to have a browse.


  1. Orthell

    Hello Martin,

    I was not sure where to contact you directly, since I could not find an email address that goes directly to you. Therefore, I put this comment on your links page as well. I hope that is okay with you. That being said, I was looking through the home page of your site, and I have to say that I am quite impressed. Your website lobosblog.com is a great resource for people who are interested in learning Martial Arts.

    I was also looking through the links page on your site, located here – https://lobosblog.com/links/ – and I noticed that the page contained a broken link. I just wanted to email you to let you know in case you wanted to fix it. The broken link on that page is “Personal Training (Gothenburg)”.

    Futhermore, seeing that broken links are never a good thing for a website, I was also wondering if you wouldn’t mind adding my own website to your list of links. We are one of the leading online resources of Martial Arts supplies and have a growing community of people who love our products.

    Let me know if it is possible for you to add my website http://www.KarateMart.com to your list. Also, let me know if you would like me to email you information of any future broken links that I find on your page, so you can quickly remove them.

    Orthell Jones


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