Doing the ALS Ice Water Bucket Challenge

So an old friend that I met during the Capoeira days challenged me to this ice water bucket challenge that has been going the rounds. Should’ve seen that coming… much like he should expect some nasty surprises when Secret Santa comes around this year!

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and this ice water challenge serves to raise awareness of the disease and raise funds towards researching for a cure. To be honest, I had no idea of ALS before this and I agree with the critics – it shouldn’t take a silly challenge like this to get you donating to charity.

Nonetheless, I have too much ego to turn down a challenge and not enough funds to donate $100 to the research fund, which is the expectation if you decline the challenge. The final straw was the ‘perk’ of being able to challenge three others if you did go through with it. But I have a lot of friends…

Enough talk – here it is:

In hindsight, the ice cold water is quite the shock to the system… but methinks that for those of us who are passionate about martial arts it’s not that foreign. After all, practising martial arts normally has you voluntarily exposing yourself to a variety of hardships like this. That said, perhaps that is more of old school thing nowadays.

Who are we kidding - I just want an excuse to get that loincloth. Hotness!

Who are we kidding – I just want an excuse to get that loincloth. Hotness!

– Lobo


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