I am fighting in UWM!

Again, it’s been a while since the last post but rest assured I’ve kept busy!

Unified Weapons Master (UWM) finally went out with their ‘Call to Arms’ early this year, announcing that they were looking for fighters for their inaugural fight event. After completing their crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, everything was now finally in place for a field test. Being the first ever UWM event, it is treated as an underground trial run for how the future televised events will be run. Come the end of March – about a month from now – six fighters will suit up and do battle in Wellington, New Zealand.

If you haven’t seen UWM in action in my earlier posts, check out their video here. Basically, you’re looking at an open fighting arena (similar to UFC) but with weapons and hi-tech armour.


Yours truly has been interested in UWM ever since I first heard of it and have kept an eye on it, following them on Facebook and even signed up for their ‘Gladiator’ loyalty program. Training with weapons has been increasingly fascinating to me, so it did not take long for me to get hooked on the idea of eventually competing in UWM. When the UWM Call to Arms sounded I had already put together a demonstration video with the help of the talented cameraman Ming Ng, who I worked with to record Ardent Heart. Check out the video below:

To my delight, I received an email with confirmation that I was picked as one of the fighters! This was just a few days ago so there are few details, but what is clear is that I will be flown to New Zealand along with five other fighters for a few days leading up to what they call their first VTC (Vital Target Combat) event.

I could write a lot more on this but I think I’ll wrap up here. It’s time, it’s on and I’m in. Stay tuned for more updates!

– Lobo


2 thoughts on “I am fighting in UWM!

  1. Cobra Kai

    Sweep the leg my friend…sweep the leg!
    What other advise could you possibly need?!


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