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Martial ART – Awesome Karate Kata

Who needs a soundtrack when your Gi comes with built-in sound effects? Rika Usami may have retired from competing in Karate, but not before winning a truckload of trophies – play the video below and you’ll see why.


An excellent example of strength, accuracy and technique coming together in a kata performance.

If you want to know more, check out an interview with her here.

– Lobo

No excuses!

I was watching a Youtube montage for a Brasilian-Japanese UFC fighter Lyoto Machida, which starts with him explaining the  training philosophy that his father passed on to him:

“Technique beats strength, but the spirit beats the technique.”

The meaning here is that having technical quality in your skills and a tactical mindset will aid you in overcoming someone relying on brute force, however all the technique in the world will do nothing for you if you lack the spirit to back it up. When you are pushed to the brink, spirit may be all that you got, and all that you need.

Few examples demonstrate that quality as firmly as this kata performance.  No excuses, indeed!

– Lobo