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The Capoeirista Project

For those who are wondering what a ‘capoeirista’ is, read up on Capoeira here.

This footage is from back in 2007. An old friend needed to do a project for her graphics course, and she had a vision of a fighting game-esque scenario with an intro, followed by a match between two capoeiristas of different styles and outfits. So she assembled some of her friends and recorded a number of solo routines as well as an improvised Capoeira game. Turned out to be a good experience, bringing together students from several different groups. Continue reading

The Lobo Chronicles, Part 1 – Crash and Burn

How I got interested in Martial Arts and my first period of training – and crushing defeat.

Looking back, I was a really physical kid. As in, really physical – I taught myself how to cartwheel when I was five, based on the pictures in a dictionary for kids. When I wanted to be alone, I would climb the 20 meter tall conifer tree on our front lawn. At age 10 I could cartwheel across a soccer field (without throwing up) and around that age I also taught myself how to do a kip-up from watching action movies. Continue reading

Hello world!

In order to kick off the blog, I figured I’d introduce myself:

Hailing from the deep woods of Sweden, I had very humble beginnings – in spite of growing up in a small town with very few martial arts schools, I was privileged in getting a versatile ‘base’ through a couple of years of Tae Kwon Do and Kempo training before the schools in question shut down. After ‘dabbling’ a bit in the other arts available in my home town,  I moved to Gothenburg where I started training (and fell in love with) the Brazilian art Capoeira. This is also where I got my Capoeira nickname, ‘Lobo’.

In 2006, I moved to Australia where I currently reside. I continued Continue reading