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10 tips to the Martial Arts student – Advanced

Disclaimer – The advice in this post is purely based on own experience, one student to another. Check out the 10 tips for beginners here, as well as 10 tips for intermediate students here.

Congratulations! At this stage, you have considerable experience and solid skills in your style of martial arts. Undoubtedly this comes from consistency and motivation, channelled through dedication and hard work. Well done. Watch out though, as you now face the higher level aspects such as rivalries, politics and raised expectations. You may also have reached a skill level that demands constant maintenance in order to stay sharp, which is not helped by the boredom that may kick in from doing the same thing for years on end. Hopefully these ten tips will help keep you moving forward. Continue reading

The secrets to Martial Arts progress– Motivation, Part 2

Second part of the motivation post, with concrete tips on how to keep yourself fired up. Click here to read the first part, and feel free to add your own tips in the comments section. Also, have a look here for more secrets.

In the first part of this post, you saw the run through of defining your current situation followed by setting an end goal along with the steps necessary to get there. To many of us that is all common sense – simply having a goal will do wonders for your focus and drive. But over time the end goal may not be enough, and we find ourselves struggling. In the moments of exhaustion, when you’re all out of energy, when the obstacles are simply overpowering your resolve, it is easy to give in.

But remember that accepting defeat and giving up your dreams is easy; living with a lower sense of self-respect isn’t. Better to try and fail gloriously, than to let others convince you that you are less than what you could become. Continue reading

The secrets to martial arts progress – Motivation, Part 1

Motivation is the ideal partner of Consistency – make good use of both and chances are that you will one day fully realise your potential. This is part of an articles series on advise on how to keep progressing in martial arts.

In your average school, you normally find that some students stand out from the rest. It becomes noticeable that there is a fundamental difference in how these individuals go about their training, even whilst doing the same exercise as everyone else. These students tend to develop their skills faster than the others, ever growing in ability and appetite for more. You find them working harder, being more focused on the exercises, always showing up for class and never giving up in spite of any and all obstacles. The difference between these individuals and the other students often lies in motivation rather than actual talent or potential. Continue reading

The Lobo Chronicles, Part 3 – Trial and Error

The part of my story where I found myself looking around for a new passion, as my old home away from home had closed its doors…

After our old Kempo dojo shut down, I found myself in a limbo of sorts. As I’ve mentioned before, this was in a pretty small town so there was no obvious second choice of what to do or where to train. Continue reading

Defeating Big Mike

When writing about my Kempo years and my old Sensei Werner, I remembered how he used to tell us stories when we were stretching after class. One in particular stuck with me, the story of a smaller man’s quest to defeat a most imposing foe. You could say it shows how important martial arts can be when one has no choice but confrontation…

There was once a man named Norman, who worked as a bus driver in a small village. Norman was a nice man who enjoyed his job. Every day he drove the same route, and always greeted his passengers with a heartfelt smile. All passengers – except one. Continue reading

The Lobo Chronicles, Part 2 – The Journey Begins

 Just recently I lost my father, who passed away from natural causes. There are many things I will always regret not coming to pass between us – thoughts unspoken, feelings unshared and stories untold. By writing these chapters, I hope that at least my own son will one day know the story of his father’s journey in life through martial arts.

This is the part of my story where I grow my foundation as martial artist, and meet my oldest brother-in-arms. For the rest of the story, click here.


Continue reading

10 tips to the Martial Arts student – intermediate

Disclaimer – The advice in this post is purely based on own experience, one student to another. Check out the 10 tips for beginners here.

So now you’ve been doing this for a while, and you’re picking up some decent skills. As your confidence grows, so does your appetite for more challenges. But beware – the initial honeymoon is now over, and the early spike in your skills as a beginner is now starting to level out. To keep developing your martial arts you will need to work harder and take a more active part in your development. Continue reading