Montage loving – Way of Life

Now this is how you make a montage – find a song about martial arts, then tailor your footage to it. See the lyrics below and be inspired!

The truths revealed through daily dedication

Song lyrics to ‘Way of Life’ by Dead Prez

What you know about the running, the stretching
The katas, the weapons
The path, the journey
The jewels, the learning
The fear, the focus
The aches, the pains
The contact sparrin’, the breaks, the sprains
The trial and error, the ranks, and belts
The spiritual growth, the science of breath
The tests, the techniques
The forms, the stances
The flow, the rhythm, the internal answers
The herbs, the healing, the quiet meditation
The truths revealed through daily dedication
The love for the art, the sweat on your shirt
The mind, the body, and the spirit at work
The feelings of failure, the hope to succeed
The battles of questions like “Should I smoke weed?”

The water, the thirst
The cleansing, the blessings
The flash of insights, the teachings, the lessons
The grappling and locking, trapping and boxing
The training and slacking
The starting and stopping
And stayin’ committed, when your homies ain’t with it
The hours or practice after the class is finished
The cause of your ignorance, flaws in your discipline
Broken laws of nutrition, and poor conditionin
The vitamins and supplements
Salves and ointments

The kinships, pull joints in doctor appointments
The dues, the pads, the wraps, the gloves
The mouthpiece you left home, the taste of your own blood
The hunger, the blocks
The punches, the squats
The crunches, the example you set for the youngsters
The will, the skills, to kill or to heal
The separation between what’s fake and what’s real
The laws of physics, The class “comradery”
The vows of humility, the bow, the courtesy.


Loving it!

– Lobo

4 thoughts on “Montage loving – Way of Life

    1. lobomartin Post author

      Damn straight it is, and such a good blend of music and content. I need to find a similar song and make my own hehe 😉

  1. moxyjen

    Reblogged this on Fight For It and commented:
    This was posted on “lobo’s Blog.” It got me super excited about training again in January. Thanks lobo!


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