Unified Weapons Master – Get rewarded!

UWM is getting closer and closer to going live and the people behind have now launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo – check it out here.


For those who are wondering, UWM stands for Unified Weapons Master and can most easily be described as Ultimate Fighting – but with weapons.  An Australia-based company, UWM aims to “reignite weapons based martial arts” by providing martial artists from all styles with the means and opportunity to test their mettle in the ring, using real (albeit blunt) weapons and high-tech armor. As mentioned here, in spite of some concerns I am a big fan of this concept.

UWM Press

As with any crowdfunding campaign, they’re asking people to donate funds for the cause. In return, people get to be part of making it happen as well as receiving rewards. The bigger the donation, the more impressive the reward – including tickets, equipment, sponsorship, or even get your own custom armour. Yours truly is currently composing a moving speech to his wife, carefully explaining why a few hundred bucks have been “invested” in this campaign – mainly because I want a ticket to the first underground event here in Sydney, along with one of the licensed weapons they will use in the fights.

Come here, you.

Come here, you.

Rest assured I’ll be posting my reflections on both rewards on this blog. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I do intend to apply when they put out their call to arms later this year.

Additionally, this concept of raising funds from likeminded souls speaks to me. I’m actually intending to run a campaign of my own in the near future, although for a different purpose – but more about that later…

Click on this link to check out the UWM campaign, which has nice pitch video and thorough information on UWM’s aims and goals.

They also have a main website, as well as a Facebook page for those who wish to follow the latest news.

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