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Unified Weapons Master – Get rewarded!

UWM is getting closer and closer to going live and the people behind have now launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo – check it out here.


For those who are wondering, UWM stands for Unified Weapons Master and can most easily be described as Ultimate Fighting – but with weapons. Continue reading

Book review – ‘Lessons in The Art of War’

Came across this when I was digging through the troves at the local bookstore. Pretty interesting concept.

Most people probably know of the book Art of War, written by Sun Tzu. It contains his advise on how to be ‘successful’ in war, if such a term can be used. I got a copy of my own and made a brave attempt at reading it, as it is considered the quintessential piece ever written on how to come out on top from a conflict. However it’s not as straightforward as it sounds – or perhaps the difficulty lies in how straightforward it is. When Sun Tzu writes about how to deploy forces on different types of terrain, it can be a challenge to see how you can apply the strategies on your own personal level. Currently it is still enriching my bookshelf, yet to be conquered.

Read it on the train whilst muttering to yourself, and you'll never have to share a seat again

Read it on the train whilst muttering to yourself, and you’ll never have to share a seat again

Fortunately, this is exactly what writer Martina Sprague has done in her book ‘Lessons in The Art of War’. Continue reading