Post UWM Update – Red Rock

Nothing like a bit of action to get you to take your training to the next level. Here Rory ‘Red Rock’ Trend share his thoughts on how UWM affected him.


Rory (left) with UWM Chairman Justin Forsell at the Trend Training Centre, Sydney. Great place that offers Kung Fu and much more. Check out the centre’s website for more information.

– How did you personally find VTC1?

I found the event to be really well planned and executed. It was a really large team of very different individuals all pulling in the same direction. The team was committed on making the event successful.  For me personally I prepared in a very traditional manner. Only utilising my styles theory and training drills. The event was the eye opener I was expecting.

2016 Rory visit 1

Photo courtesy of Rebecca ‘Bec’ Campbell, from when Rory visited Jim ‘Fierce’ Campbell in Perth last year.

– How was it to fight against other styles in VTC1?

I really enjoyed the challenge of facing different fighting styles. I really enjoy to just deal with what is being thrown as to best prepare for the street, is best to prepare for the unexpected.

– Did participating in UWM influence the way you train and/or instruct in your style?

Post event, I have completely changed to full contact weapons sparring. You can not train a pulling style for this event. That is my opinion.  I have also completely limited my vision in training as to train a sight and react based training. Within my style all things are trained with peripheral vision. The suit did not allow for this. I was completely a fish out of water in this regard.


Photo courtesy of Rebecca ‘Bec’ Campbell

– What have you been up to since VTC1?

I have completely immersed myself in Practical Method Tai-Chi for the past 12 months. I have done nothing else. This system is also trying to bring in and make for a popular sport. Tai-Chi wrestling. I have put myself forward into pioneering from two fronts. Full contact weapons Fighting utilising Chinese Kung Fu. And Tai-Chi wrestling to combat quality Grappling and takedown ability.

– What/how are you currently training, what’s next?

I have a trip to china August 14 to test my progression in Practical Method Tai-Chi. Then I will thoroughly investigate full contact weapons fighting in one-on-one combat and teams events. Starting with a September SwordPlay competition. I’m looking forward to see the standard of ability I will aspire to.


Interested in what the other UWM fighters have been up to? Check out the updates from Ironheart, Ronin, Fierce and yours truly (Wolf) for more.



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