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How to Look Good Naked – Part 2

This is the second part of the article about doing better at martial arts through healthy eating (and also look good naked).

In the first part of this article, I listed the rules and principles I live by nowadays – a change of lifestyle that took me from being fairly fit to feeling and looking great. Getting fitter purely from improving my eating habits helped me take my martial arts to a higher level and gave me an edge while I was undergoing the trials involved in getting my black belt.

In this second part I will be going through what measures I took to change things around. I’m hoping you will find it helpful, and that it saves you time as well as enables you to make the changes stick. Everyone is different though, so find your own way. Continue reading

How to Look Good Naked – Part 1

Disclaimer – I’m not a professional dietitian. In fact, I’m not even a nutritionist. That said, I firmly believe that following the guidelines in this article will make you perform better in martial arts (and yes, look good naked) as it has given awesome results for myself and they are general enough to benefit most people. Continue reading

The Lobo Chronicles, Part 1 – Crash and Burn

How I got interested in Martial Arts and my first period of training – and crushing defeat.

Looking back, I was a really physical kid. As in, really physical – I taught myself how to cartwheel when I was five, based on the pictures in a dictionary for kids. When I wanted to be alone, I would climb the 20 meter tall conifer tree on our front lawn. At age 10 I could cartwheel across a soccer field (without throwing up) and around that age I also taught myself how to do a kip-up from watching action movies. Continue reading

What is Capoeira?

Reader beware – this is an opinion piece on the topic of what Capoeira is, based on my nine years of experience as a Capoeirista. For more information, check out the Wikipedia entry here, or check out any of the major groups’ different websites

What is Capoeira?

This seemingly straightforward question has caused a lot of debate – some say it’s a fight, others call it a dance, and some call it poetry in motion. I think my Capoeira teacher put it best when she called it ‘an expression of Brazilian culture’. Continue reading

10 tips to the Martial Arts beginner

Disclaimer – The advice in this post is purely based on own experience, one student to another.

It can be very daunting to take up Martial Arts if you’re a complete beginner, but try to keep the below in mind and your time as rookie should be more enjoyable. This first phase of your training might feel overwhelming, but should also be full of new impressions, lessons learned and the inherent joy of quick progress. A lot of people drop out after the first few weeks, so this will most likely be your first adversary!

Continue reading

Hello world!

In order to kick off the blog, I figured I’d introduce myself:

Hailing from the deep woods of Sweden, I had very humble beginnings – in spite of growing up in a small town with very few martial arts schools, I was privileged in getting a versatile ‘base’ through a couple of years of Tae Kwon Do and Kempo training before the schools in question shut down. After ‘dabbling’ a bit in the other arts available in my home town,  I moved to Gothenburg where I started training (and fell in love with) the Brazilian art Capoeira. This is also where I got my Capoeira nickname, ‘Lobo’.

In 2006, I moved to Australia where I currently reside. I continued Continue reading