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We all have our own story, and this is mine in the telling. As narcissistic as it is, I’m hoping that one day my son will read these words and maybe understand his old man better.

The Lobo Chronicles, Part 3 – Trial and Error

The part of my story where I found myself looking around for a new passion, as my old home away from home had closed its doors…

After our old Kempo dojo shut down, I found myself in a limbo of sorts. As I’ve mentioned before, this was in a pretty small town so there was no obvious second choice of what to do or where to train. Continue reading

The Lobo Chronicles, Part 2 – The Journey Begins

 Just recently I lost my father, who passed away from natural causes. There are many things I will always regret not coming to pass between us – thoughts unspoken, feelings unshared and stories untold. By writing these chapters, I hope that at least my own son will one day know the story of his father’s journey in life through martial arts.

This is the part of my story where I grow my foundation as martial artist, and meet my oldest brother-in-arms. For the rest of the story, click here.


Continue reading

The Lobo Chronicles, Part 1 – Crash and Burn

How I got interested in Martial Arts and my first period of training – and crushing defeat.

Looking back, I was a really physical kid. As in, really physical – I taught myself how to cartwheel when I was five, based on the pictures in a dictionary for kids. When I wanted to be alone, I would climb the 20 meter tall conifer tree on our front lawn. At age 10 I could cartwheel across a soccer field (without throwing up) and around that age I also taught myself how to do a kip-up from watching action movies. Continue reading